3 Main Benefits Of Fertilizer Spreaders

Mar. 22, 2021

3 Main Benefits Of Fertilizer Spreaders

Due to the rapid pace of technological progress, coupled with urbanization and agricultural mechanization, the demand for precision agricultural machinery has increased significantly in the past few years. There are a variety of agricultural machinery on the market, and fertilizer spreaders also have their own niche market. Fertilizer spreader is also known as spreader. In 2015, the global market share of seeding and fertilizing machinery was 37.19%, and the global agricultural machinery market share was 3.11%.

With the reduction of physical labor and the increase of agricultural investment opportunities, the fertilizer spreader market is continuing to grow.

Benefits of fertilizer spreaders

1. Increase production output

Population growth, reduction of arable land, and unfavorable fluctuations in climatic conditions are some of the main reasons behind the high demand for increased production. Most farmers have switched to regular use of fertilizers on their farms. If used properly, fertilizer will not only help increase yields, but will not adversely affect soil health.

Unlike manual spraying, the spreader distributes fertilizer evenly, which contributes to sustainable production throughout the year. This is why farmers with large and small farms are investing in fertilizer spreader for sale.

2. Fill the gap of manual labor

The labor force—including humans and animals—has been drastically reduced. Today, with the exception of small-scale farmers in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asian countries, most farmers in the world switch to machines. This caused significant losses in food production. On the other hand, the fertilizer spreader can be used for farming without relying on manual labor, while still achieving high yields.

3. Increase focus on accuracy

As mentioned earlier, the correct use of fertilizers is crucial, not only to obtain higher yields, but also to maintain the health of the soil. The current state of the world’s soil is worrisome. About 50% of the agricultural land lacks trace elements such as zinc, iron and manganese, causing edible plants to lack nutrients. Farmers who choose artificial fertilization often face problems such as poor crop yields due to uneven fertilization. However, with the help of a planter, farmers can concentrate on using fertilizers accurately, thereby obtaining better yields without damaging the soil. In precision agriculture, the demand for fertilizer sprayers is particularly great.

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