How To Maintain a Fertilizer Spreader

Apr. 14, 2021

How To Maintain a Fertilizer Spreader

Part of the responsibility of owning a fertilizer spreader is maintenance. If you do not maintain your spreader, you may be required to purchase parts before the initial need. Here are some basic steps to keep your salt, sand, or tailgate spreader in good working order.


You don't want to leave the fertilizer in the spreader, so be sure to empty it before storing. On larger models, be sure to lower the rollers to a hard flat surface. If you can store fertilizer spreaders indoors, you can extend their lifespan.


In order to make the fertilizer spreader work smoothly, remember to oil all moving parts, such as grease fittings, chains and sprockets. If you don't do this, you have a higher chance that the parts will break or your spreader will be stuck.

Keep it clean

After each use, empty the spreader and be sure to brush off all the small pieces of fertilizer. Rinse the fertilizer spreader thoroughly with water and let it dry completely. If you have a larger spreader, it is a good idea to remove any grease or dirt and empty the contents if you plan to use it for a few days.

Check your chain

Large fertilizer spreaders have chains behind them, which need to be checked to make sure they are in good condition. Oil, tighten or replace them as needed.

Disassemble your machine

If it is necessary to disassemble the fertilizer spreader, be sure to mark the location of the seed. It is important for you to assemble the fertilizer spreader correctly. If you don't do this, you will run the risk that your diffuser will not turn in the right direction. This is especially suitable for smaller spreaders.

Paint touch Ups

Smaller spreaders are usually made of plastic, while larger spreaders are made of metal. If your paint starts to wear out, you need to touch up the paint to prevent corrosion from eroding your fertilizer spreader.

Wear parts

Regularly check the wear of the parts of the fertilizer spreader. Replace worn parts as needed, and you will encounter fewer problems.

No matter how big or small your spreader is, many of the rules are the same. Master all maintenance procedures and perform maintenance in accordance with the maintenance guidelines in the user manual. If you put your owner's manual in the wrong place, you can contact the manufacturer for guidance, or ask your local home and garden store for help.

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